About GP RED

Mission Statement

GP RED’s mission is to help fill the gaps in research, education, and development between practice, academic, and association realms for allied professionals who work to improve quality of life and help communities thrive.


GP RED works in collaboration with other associations, universities, and private and non-profit sector organizations to fill gaps in research and education by relying on:

  • integration of identified seasoned experts in the field
  • identification of the most current teaching methods and curriculum
  • testing and documenting best practices in management, operations, and planning
  • sound research practices
  • strong staff expertise and experience
  • focused print and web publications
  • proactive sharing of knowledge and findings
  • collaborative rather than competitive efforts to foster teamwork across related industries, public agencies, and their professionals


This intentional not-for-profit organization was originally conceptualized, created, and funded in 2008 by managing staff of GreenPlay, LLC, a for-profit firm that works nationally to provide management consulting for parks, recreation, and related quality of life agencies.

It became apparent that many of the research and education functions which GreenPlay had assumed over the years were in reality “non-profit” service activities that were being subsidized for the public sector. GP RED was founded to strengthen, activate, fund, and enhance collaboration for education and research.

GP RED provides opportunities for multi-sector agencies, organizations, and institutions to become involved in enhancing the field for the betterment of our aligned industries.



GP RED maintains a key alliance with GreenPlay, LLC for specific management consulting and contracted administration needs, as well as Memorandums of Understanding for initiative development with East Carolina University and the Children’s Environments Research Group, housed in the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. In addition, we collaborate with a number of organizations including the Safe Routes to Play National Partnership, International Mountain Bicycling Association, Design Concepts, and RRC Associates.