External Development

GP RED supports other organizations whose goals align with our mission. This support can manifest itself in many ways, from endorsements like we do for “Safe Routes to Play” or “Complete Streets”. It can also be financial assistance in the form of Fiscal Agency for organizations with limited resources. 

GP RED is proud to partners with Untold International

to complete a new Literacy Center in Ghana.

Quietly rising from a hillside of the rain forest in the middle of Ghana is a distinctive building project which one day will transform the lives and future of a small, rural West African village. GP RED has partnered with Untold International to complete the construction and furnish the Literacy Center at Asisiriwa. The Operating Board unanimously approved becoming a fiscal agency for the Literacy Center project as it complements GP RED’s mission by further developing the community of Asisiriwa through empowerment and education. Click on the photo below to find out more.