GP RED Annual Report


Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 9.25.37 PMHelping Communities Thrive

Since its founding in 2008, GP RED has actively engaged in numerous community level projects, research, and education programs. These activities have positively impacted thousands of quality of life professionals and the citizens they serve to help build healthy communities. A few of our success stories:

International/National Education Workshops 

Teaching within our three pillars of professional development: strategic leadership, building healthy communities, and measuring what matters. Reaching more than 2,000 professionals in educational workshops annually. Over 150 attendees at our three national invitational Think Tanks impacting multi-disciplinary fields in healthy community design and planning.

GP RED News You Can Use E-Newsletter

  • Delivering emerging trends, best practices for agency and organizational leadership, and innovative strategies for healthy community design to over 5,600 subscribers.

Community Development Initiatives

  • Healthy Communities Surveillance & Management Toolkit™ – Helping parks and recreation agencies reposition themselves as a vital component of preventative public health promotion; four communities engaged so far in Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri, potentially impacting over 300,000 youth. Includes Development of the Youth Activity and Nutrition Survey(YANS) for community-specific findings from middle school youth.
  • Safe Routes To Play – engaging youth in active transportation and community connectivity planning through GIS mapping and PhotoVoice activities; projects inspired in Colorado, New Hampshire and Maryland, potentially impacting a total citizen population of more than 3,518,000.
  • Collaborative grant writing to assist communities with implementing GP RED initiatives and healthy community design objectives.

GP REDline Survey

  • National surveys on trending issues in parks and recreation leadership and management.
  • Sent to over 5,700 national professionals, with responses on targeted questions.

Active and Engaged Board Members

  • 100% participation by Operating Board in annual fundraising campaigns.
  • Active project leadership on GP RED initiatives.