Organizational and Leadership
Development Workshops

GP RED offers trends-based practical guidance and training to parks and recreation agency leaders and support staff in financial sustainability, building healthy communities, Complete Streets, organizational excellence, agency positioning and high-level service delivery.


Today’s parks and recreation leaders need to be progressive thinkers focused on continuous improvement. Major
shifts in the role of parks, recreation, and land management professionals in building healthy communities and
championing the sustainability movement call for innovative approaches and high-level collaboration skills.
GP RED’s Speakers’ Bureau is prepared to deliver the information you need to:

•  Advance your leadership skills
•  Shift your thinking and positioning in the field
•  Measure and communicate your agency’s effectiveness to policy makers and your community

Strategic Leadership


  • Leading In Lean Times – The Six E’s Approach to Park and Recreation Management
  • Succession Planning – Leading to Change or Changing to Lead
  • Keys To Relevance – Repositioning for Parks and Recreation Agencies
  • Getting Them To Listen – Community Engagement and Needs Assessment
  • Financial Sustainability, Revenue Management, Pricing Strategies
  • Authentic Leadership & Team Building – Exploring Effective Work Groups
  • Building Cultural Competency in Your Agency
  • Living The Brand – Promising Our Customers An Experience

Building Healthy Communities


  • Healthy Communities Surveillance & Management Toolkit Project
  • Trail & Greenway Design Standards – What Works & What Doesn’t
  • Safe Routes To Play – A Child Centered Transportation Initiative
  • Creating Healthy Communities Through Walkability Analysis
  • Parks & Recreation – A Solution for Public Health Issues
  • Health Impacts of an Active Transportation System
  • Complete Streets – Creating & Implementing Policies to Insure Safe Travel for All
  • Whole Measures For Parks & Recreation – Values Based Community Visioning

Measuring What Matters


  • Research To Practice – Gathering Input From A Diverse Public
  • Measuring Quality of Life in Your Community
  • Preserving Essential Services & Creating Financial Sustainability
  • Economic Impacts of Trails & Greenways
  • Creating Healthy Communities Through Level of Service Assessment
  • Innovations in Trails & Land Inventory Analysis
  • Services Assessment & Cost Recovery Methodologies
  • Inclusion Policies & Clinical TR Services – Deciding What Your Agency Needs
  • Understanding the Value of Health Impact Assessments


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“Teresa’s presentations are engaging and full of valuable information than can be applied to any department or community. Her presentations definitely need to be added to your MUST attend list!”

Juliene R. Hefter, MSOLQ, CPRP, AFOI,
Deputy Director, Wisconsin Park & Recreation Association

“Cindy, Laurie & Greg: Thanks so much for briefing the NH DOT Major Staff about ‘complete streets’ today. You all thoroughly nailed the topic beyond any expectations. You had the right team, your delivery was organized and your message informed the Commissioner, directors and bureau administrators.”

Larry Keniston, Intermodal Facilities Engineer,
Rail and Transit Bureau, NH DOT